Barbara’s Vision


Colorado ranks 47th among states in per-pupil funding, and Western Slope schools are among the most poorly funded in the state. As a teacher at Durango High School for 20 years, Barbara witnessed the impact funding deficits have on students, teachers, and administrators.

Barbara will fight to make sure Colorado’s schools have a voice in Denver.



Barbara supports bold investments expanding our state’s investments in wind and solar energy, bringing new technologies online faster, attracting good paying jobs to Southwest Colorado, and lessening our dependence on foreign oil.

She is a staunch defender of public lands. She opposes their transfer or sale to state governments or private interests.

Barbara knows clean water is critical to our economy and way of life in Southwest Colorado. She will fight to retain our water on the Western Slope, while holding corporations and big businesses accountable for polluting our rivers and streams.



The Western Slope has not seen the same economic gains as the Front Range, and families are still feeling the effects of the 2008 recession.

Barbara will cut taxes for working and middle-class families. She supports making big corporations pay their fair share by closing loopholes and banning offshore tax shelters, and using the additional revenue generated to fund our local schools.

Barbara will build on legislative accomplishments like the Colorado Ready to Work program, a package of legislation providing Colorado’s workers and job seekers with job training and connecting the unemployed with existing jobs, while offering students alternatives to four-year colleges including  community colleges and vocational training.


Higher Education

Barbara will make sure Western Slope families can send their kids to college without taking on huge debt.

She will help middle-class families save for college with tax-free savings accounts, reducing their financial burden while keeping our best and brightest here in Colorado. 



Barbara knows gaining access to healthcare services on the Western Slope is difficult.  We have fewer doctors and higher insurance rates than most of the state. Programs exist, encouraging more healthcare professionals and services to move to rural areas, but more needs to be done.       

Coloradans have more access to healthcare after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and Barbara supports the continued growth of health insurance access.